• Certification training to individuals and Teams
  • Elaborate training modules on specific topics related to healthcare quality and safety
  • Custom-designed training modules as demanded by member organizations


ISQSH shall host biannual annual conference inviting its members, partners, associates and supporters from across the globe for an event marked with exchange of knowledge and ideas from some of the best minds in healthcare industry coming together for the future of healthcare quality and safety.

Besides, ISQSH shall also host regular webinars, workshops and seminars for the benefit of its members. Symposiums shall be held time to time among the members of board to discuss, develop and improve standards of healthcare quality and safety.


ISQSH shall publish books and white papers from its member authors and fellows, encouraging exchange of thoughts and ideas among its groups.


ISQSH Journal for Quality and Safety in Healthcare shall be published quarterly to share the ongoing research, case studies and learning’s in the field of healthcare quality and safety.