Basic Information:

ISQSH Certified Biomedical Quality Technician (CBQT) certification is aimed at providing the fundamental quality tools and techniques for professionals who work in the biomedical industry. Quality improvement requires that all employees at all levels are trained and equipped for performing quality improvement activities. Certified Biomedical Quality Technicians will assist Biomedical Quality Engineers and other quality improvement professionals like Six Sigma Black Belts in Quality Improvement projects by performing tasks like data collection, root-cause analysis and process studies.


ISQSH Certified Biomedical Quality Technician (CBQT) Certification Exam consists of 100 Questions, 2 hours; Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to assess the candidate understands the body of knowledge. Candidates have to score minimum 70% to pass the Examination.

Candidate Eligibility Requirements:

ISQSH Certified Biomedical Quality Technician (CBQT) requires a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical or allied Healthcare subjects. Candidates who are currently pursuing a Biomedical or Healthcare Bachelor’s degree may also apply for the exam. (As per Global Industry Classification Standard healthcare industry includes Healthcare services – Hospitals and Clinics, Biomedical industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Biotechnology and Life Sciences.)

Recertification Requirements:

ISQSH Certified Biomedical Quality Technician (CBQT) is a lifetime certification it does not have any recertification requirements.

Examination Dates:

All ISQSH Certification Examinations are available throughout the year. The Exams are administered online through proctored third party testing agencies. Kindly write to us at for more information.

Certification Fees:




Examination Fees

GBP 200

GBP 250

Retake Fees

GBP 150

GBP 200

Recertification Fees

GBP 75

GBP 75