Basic Information:

ISQSH Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Auditor (CPGA) is a professional who combines a high level of expertise in Pharmaceutical GMP practices with a high proficiency in Quality Auditing. The role of a Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Auditor (CPGA) becomes an inevitable part of any pharmaceutical company since auditing and frequently evaluating effectiveness of controls is a vital part of any GMP implementation. This certification is aimed at assessing proficiency in GMP requirements, documentation and GMP systems along with auditing skills including leading audits, performing risk assessments, reporting non-conformances etc.


ISQSH Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Auditor (CPGA) Certification Exam consists of 125 Questions, 4 hours exam, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to assess the candidate’s understanding of the CPGA Body of Knowledge. Candidates have to score minimum 70% to pass the Examination.

Candidate Eligibility Requirements:

ISQSH Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Auditor (CPGA) requires a work experience of 3 years in healthcare industry. Proof of employment in healthcare industry needs to be submitted while applying for the exam (As per Global Industry Classification Standard healthcare industry includes Healthcare services – Hospitals and Clinics, Biomedical industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Biotechnology and Life Sciences.)

Recertification Requirements:

ISQSH Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Auditor (CPGA) needs to be recertified every 3 years by passing a simple online test available on the ISQSH website covering the entire CPGA Body of Knowledge. The recertification test consists of 50 questions and the passing score on the test will be 70%. In case candidates do not take the recertification within the due date or if they do not pass the recertification test, they need to be certified again by taking the full exam again. The objective is to ensure that the candidate maintains the same proficiency over the years.

Examination Dates:

All ISQSH Certification Examinations are available throughout the year. The Exams are administered online through proctored third party testing agencies. Kindly write to us at for more information.

Certification Fees:




Examination Fees

GBP 300

GBP 350

Retake Fees

GBP 250

GBP 300

Recertification Fees

GBP 75

GBP 75